Services Seta Update: Services Sector Provider Forum is Established

4 May 2011
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Services Seta Update: Services Sector Provider Forum is Established


To All Services SETA Training Providers, Lead Employers, Host Employers, SDFs, Independents, Professional Bodies, Assessors, Moderators, Facilitators, Suppliers, including all Learners and Interns represented by Lead Employers and Providers, those not directly affiliated who attended, this morning as well as those in absentia due to prior commitments; your overwhelming positive responses and support to my call for action to form a collective following the events of recent pertaining to the Services SETA, are applauded and appreciated to the benefit of the industry, learners and interns as a whole. Thank you for your time invested and valuable contribution.

 I am pleased to provide an update on the events and outcomes on the day as promised.

 1. Last minute attempts were made in hope of having either Dr. Moon (Administrator and Chairperson) or Mr. Devan Naiker (Acting CEO) address the forum. Unfortunately, Dr. Moon had prior important commitments and Mr Naiker had communicated that he was unable to attend due to the Services SETA being under Administration. Subsequently, with due respect and appreciation, moments before the forum commenced, a letter was received from Dr. Moon, (as here attached) confirming the current status quo. Dr. Moon  reassures providers that payments will be forthcoming and that all processes will continue pertaining to the SETA’S and ETQA obligations.

 2. In addition, communication was received regarding the Skills Development Act/Policy which is under review and calls for comment. A key area of concern that cannot be overlooked.

3. The meeting resulted in an independent collective being established in support and representation of the Services Sector under the banner of: Services Sector Provider Forum (SSPF). The committee and chair have been voted and a formal notification will be posted tomorrow.

 In conclusion, many more questions were raised and the Chair committed to compiling the required communication in view of obtaining the necessary answers and clarity.

 All parties that are seeking to serve or partake in the forum kindly please email

 Further details and an update will follow. 

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